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Financial Partnership in God’s Plan for the Nations

A global partner’s monthly financial support includes a salary, ministry expenses, children’s education, housing, medical costs, retirement benefits, social security, etc. 

For a global partner, to raise his or her financial support can be one of the most challenging parts of serving the Lord. It certainly stretches one’s faith and dependence on God.  But the blessing of raising support partners who then work together as a team for Christ’s glory among the nations is priceless.

Most of us in the church will not be able to go overseas to serve the Lord in response to Jesus’ command.  But by supporting a global partner, you have the blessing of “going” and “working” through those who can go!  You become a partner in God’s plan of making disciples of all nations.  So the one who supports a global partner is just as vital as the one who goes.  It is truly a team effort and every team member is important.  

As a church, we at HGC commit to provide a percentage of the finances needed, but it is up to the global partners to raise the rest of their financial needs.  Individuals, family members, and other churches meet the remainder of their need.   If you are not currently involved in God’s plan for the nations through supporting a global partner, why not begin today?  You can begin for what it may take to go out to eat – $25 or $50 – and have a part in the reaching the world for Christ.  

Ways to Support an HGC Global Partner

  • You can support the overall missions program at HGC through regular giving at a church service.  Put your gift in an offering envelope and check the missions box on the front of the envelope,

  • You can also give support to a specific global partner.  You can indicate this personal support on the offering envelope.

  • Global partners need more than just financial support.  They also need prayer support!  You are much more likely to pray for someone whom you are financially supporting.

  • You can also support a global partner with occasional notes, letters and care packages.  This is a fun way to involve the whole family.  

Information on all of our global partners can be found under the “Connect” tab.

For more information, contact Pastor David Schuit  
Phone: 973-427-6960
Email:  davids@hawthornegospel.org