Adult Bible Classes

Adult Bible Classes

HGC Adult Education complements the small groups in the church. While some people learn best in the classroom setting of a large class, others may do better in a small group which is more relational and has more accountability. The intention is that everyone will find the way that best helps them to grow and mature.
Our Adult Bible Classes take place on Sunday morning. These classes take place at 10:00 (during the middle service) and cover topics on theology, books of the Bible, to marriage, spiritual growth, and more. Below is a list of the classes currently offered.

God Moves through Praying People (Acts)

We will be walking through the book of Acts to see how God works through the early church.

Teacher: Dan Sirinides 
Location: E10

Answering Biblical Questions

We will be tacking tough biblical questions and any questions we raise in the class as we discuss biblical responses to them.

Teacher: Bill Thomson
Location: E5

The 3 Epistles of John

John teaches us to be real, that our walk should match our talk. Come study the three letters of John and how these letters teach us to live.

Teacher: Carlos Pineda
Location: E3

Seekers of His Heart (Ladies Class)

The book of Ephesians is a good map for life. Join this ladies class as they study through this book together.

Teacher: Carolyn Opderbeck
Location: The Chapel