Meals Ministry

If you have a heart for service and a desire to minister to others in need, this ministry is for you!  We extend care with compassion, availability, respect, and encouragement to men, women, and families in need of temporary assistance with meals, prayer, and encouragement. If you would like to volunteer to help, contact Patti Carrera (eleb614@gmail.com)

Children's Ministry

Club 208 Teacher - teaches kindergarten through 5th grade at the 5:00 service on Sundays (once a month or more). Email Sandy Lynn Bober to volunteer.

Nursery Volunteers - needed at the 11:25 service and 5:00 pm service (once a month or more). Email Sandy Lynn Bober to volunteer.

Moms and Mentors - Once a month on Saturday mornings to work with children attending. Email Janice Johannesen to volunteer.

Marriage & Family Ministry

Childcare help - Childcare during our small group studies on Thursday evenings 6:30-8:00pm and Saturday afternoons 4:00-5:30pm. Email Kirk De Boer to volunteer.

Student Ministry

Middle Youth Group Leader - Hang out and build relationships with 6-8th graders every Friday night for two hours. You can also help lead a small group and be a positive influence for Christ on the students lives! Email Mark Horn to volunteer.

High School Youth Group Leader -  Hang out and build relationships with 9-12th graders every Sunday night for two hours. You can also help lead a small group and be a positive influence for Christ on the students lives! Email Jake Minnema to volunteer.

SMW Small Group Leader - SMW stands for "Sunday Morning Worship" and is our Sunday School equivalent for 6-12th graders. Leadership involves preparing a lesson from our Bible curriculum and running a small group for 40 minutes every other Sunday morning. Small groups are separated by grade and gender and most have multiple volunteers co-leading. Email Jake Minnema to volunteer.


Computer Operator - Operate the computer that runs the lyrics for the livestream on Sunday morning. This can be a weekly opportunity if you'd like to commit, or can be once a month. Email Jonathan Minnema to volunteer.

Camera Operator - Operate one of the cameras during the 9:55am service so that the livestream can have active shots that follow musicians and speakers. Email Jonathan Minnema to volunteer.

Music Ministry

Choir members - Sing in the sunday morning services and special events.
Band members - Play instruments in the morning and / or evening services and at special events.
Orchestra members - Play instruments for sunday morning services and special events.
Sunday Night Singers - Sing in the sunday night service.
Sound engineers - Mix the services and recordings.
Stage volunteers - Set up stage and take down stage before and after service.
Lighting volunteers - Help with stage lighting and color schemes serve during services.
Computer volunteers - Run the worship and message slides for services.
Alpha & Omega adult volunteers - Help with the children's alpha & omega choir.
Alpha & Omega Children's choir - For children grades 2-8 sing for Christmas concert and Palm Sunday.
Seasonal volunteers - Those looking to just participate for Christmas and / or Easter.
Concert volunteers - Occasionally when we have outside concerts / guests we need people to help with food, housing, driving etc of visiting music groups.
Email James Jensen for all worship and music opportunities.

Christmas Nativity

Check out the Live Nativity Page.

Leading up to event: 
(Sept, Oct, Nov) Dates TBA
Costumes - help with finding and making costumes for actors (soldiers, shepherds, angels) 
Prayer Partners - prayer partners to pray over event 
Donations or lending of outdoor extension cords and spotlights

Gift Bags - gift bag packers (put together gift bags that each car will receive)
Light Testing - help with Christmas light testing & organizing them

(Location: Behind Church Office Building)
Light Setup & Decorations - prop organization/setup/decorating and outdoor Christmas lights decorating

Set Up - final prop set-up & Christmas lights and parking cone set-up Dec 17 (3-5pm)
Traffic Help - parking lot help - directing traffic (6-9:30pm)
Greeters - greeters handing out snacks and gift bags to each car (6-9:30pm)

Saturday Night after event:  (Dec 18 9:30pm)
Clean Up - tear down/cleanup/ organizing storage after event

Contact HGCNativity@gmail.com to get involved or any questions!

Questions about volunteering?

We love to clarify volunteering requirements. Please reach out if you still have questions.