Hackensack Campus Pastor
Job Description
Accountable to: Senior Pastor & Executive Pastor

Purpose: To become a part of the pastoral leadership team at Hawthorne Gospel with the specific purpose of leading and shepherding the Hackensack Campus congregation to become more fully devoted followers of Christ.


Preaching & Teaching – Preach and teach regularly, along with other pastors on the HGC staff. Two characteristics identify our preaching method. First, our preaching is expository in nature. While each pastor varies in the style of his preaching all the pastors need to preach in an expository manner, seeking to expound, explain, and apply God’s Word. Second, our preaching is doctrinally sound and from a Free-Grace perspective. While we all have various opinions regarding specific interpretation of Biblical passages, all pastors need to agree with our doctrinal statement and approach their teaching from a Free-Grace perspective. A Free-Grace perspective understands good works not as a condition to merit (as with Catholics), maintain (as with Arminians), or to prove (as with some Calvinists) salvation, but rather are part of discipleship and the basis for receiving or losing eternal rewards. Free-Grace distinguishes between salvation and discipleship – the call to believe in Christ as Savior and to receive the gift of eternal life, and the call to follow Christ and become an obedient disciple, respectively. *see HGC Doctrinal Statement 

Operations/Facilities - Give general oversight of the operations of the ministry, staff, facilities, and any other areas as needed.

Mission & Vision – Execute the overall vision and mission of the church. Praying and strategizing about the future of the church and taking steps to make sure that we are going in the direction of our vision and mission. Communicating this vision clearly to staff and our church people. Work in the planning and execution of church-wide initiatives.

Leadership - Make every effort to maintain a healthy church system and structure that promotes consistent progress, assessment, accountability, and communication among the staff and the entire church.

School - Serve as “school pastor” to the students and staff of Bergen County Christian Academy, and be available for pastoral responsibilities associated with that role.

Introduce the people of our church to Christ, what HGC is about, and what our church has to offer. Connect people to different ministries where they might be involved and find community in our church and growth in their spiritual lives.
Determine and direct the structure of all services at Hackensack.

  • Work with current Hawthorne staff to begin to implement the children’s, youth, outreach, missions, music, etc. ministries and then oversee those ministries. 
  • Evaluate ministry effectiveness in the various programs and ministries throughout the church. 
  • Make determination of the need to start new ministries.
  • Assist in the screening and placement of volunteers.
  • Disciple/mentor lay leaders.
  • Lead studies and prayer meeting throughout the week as needed.
  • Provide pastoral counseling as needed.
  • Perform weddings and funerals as needed.
  • Provide visitation to congregants as needed.
  • Preach in Hawthorne as needed.
  • Meet regularly with the Senior Pastor and/or Executive Pastor.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings.
  • Serve as a member of the Hackensack Spiritual Leadership Team.
  • Other duties as assigned.

  • Actively pursuing God and growing in Christlikeness.
  • Practicing a life and ministry characterized by godliness, integrity, and authenticity.
  • Bible training from a Biblically sound college and/or seminary.
  • Extensive experience preaching.
  • Demonstate a high level of excellence and competency through current and/or past experience in ministry.
  • Ability to build, lead, and manage effective staff and volunteer teams.
  • Ability to serve under Senior Leadership and Elders and alongside Pastoral Staff.

Compensation: Compensation dependent upon qualifications and experience. Possible housing provided
as part of compensation.

To Apply: Email your cover letter and resume to Pastor Kirk De Boer at kirk@hawthornegospel.org