Sunday Morning Worship

Sunday Mornings 10-11:00 AM
Room: theLOFT

SMW is our Sunday morning program at HGC.  Jr. and Sr. high groups will both meet in theLOFT at 10am for a combined intro to the morning’s lesson, worship, announcements, and prayer.  Then the Jr. and Sr. high groups will alternate each week between splitting up into small groups by grade and gender and remaining in a large group.  The purpose of SMW is to teach students the Bible and how it applies to their lives.  The focus is on teaching Scripture, fellowship in small groups, worship, and prayer.  New students are always welcome!

High School Youth Group

Sunday evenings 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Room: theLOFT

Every Sunday night our high school youth gather together in theLOFT for a time of worship through music, prayer, and digging into the Word.  It is a very casual environment and open and welcoming to newcomers and non-believers.  We encourage students to take part in the church service “Sundays @5:00” and then after the service we gather together in theLOFT.  The night will focus upon a message and discussion that focuses on big questions in life.  We will attack these questions with the purpose of seeing what the Bible has to say about them.  The Bible is living and active so we want to look at what it has to say about the issues in the world around us!  The group is led by Jake Minnema & his wife May as well as a group of dedicated, committed and excited leaders.

High School Bible Study

Wednesday evenings 8:00 – 9:30 p.m.
Room: theLOFT

The purpose of Bible Study is to help develop in students a passion to want to know God more.  Wednesday night will involve Bible study, small group discussion, and always some good coffee!  We begin the night by catching up and sharing what has happened in our lives over the past week.  Then the Bible study portion of the night involves picking a passage of scripture that the students will study on their own for 10 minutes.  After that we come back into the group and discuss what God taught us.  Simple structure, but it always results in awesome times!  We are meeting from 8-9:30 to create more time for students to come after sports and extra-curricular events.

Middle School Youth Group

Friday evenings 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Room: theLoft

This is an awesome, action-packed night where we play games, hangout, and of course worship the Lord and learn more about Him.  We have been spending the past few months studying the Book of John, and it has been an awesome experience.  We also have some games every week like dodgeball, sardines, manhunt, pool, ping-pong, amoeba, and so much more.  We encourage all the students to bring their Bibles as they WILL be using them.The night is led each week by Kirk & Stephanie De Boer, Scott & Alexandra Warren, as well as over 15 leaders.

Middle School Bible Study

Wednesday evenings 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Room: Begins in theLOFT
Pick-up in Youth Ministries Center Foyer

The purpose of Bible study is the same as it is for high school.  Those who come to Bible study get to participate in a smaller group setting where they get to have their voices heard more.  They discuss passages in the Bible, pray together, and worship with some acoustic music.  Anyone is welcome to Bible study and bringing your personal Bible out is always encouraged!