Student Resources

Books: (reading is still pretty cool…that’s why we put books at the top of the resources)  

(most of these books can be purchased online, or if you want to borrow them come ask us)


Books on faith and how it should be lived out in your life:

-Crazy Love  -Francis Chan (God's love for you is so much greater than you know, how do you develop a greater love towards him?)

-Forgotten God  -Francis Chan (Focuses on the Holy Spirit and his role in our lives)

-Erasing Hell  -Francis Chan (Is hell really talked about in the Bible?  How could God send people there?)

-Radical  -David Platt (What does it look like to live radically for Christ in todays culture)

-The Insanity of God  -Nik Ripken (This book gives first hand stories of a man who brought the Gospel to places in the middle east where it had never been and to a people who were hostile to it.  How does God work in the world that is so dark and what is our role in serving him?  This is really great read but be prepared as it will challenge you!)

-The Grace Awakening  -Charles Swindoll (Chuck Swindoll is an amazing author and speaker and all of his books are highly recommended)

-What's So Amazing About Grace -Philip Yancey (I highly recommend this one!  If you have grown up in the church it will be a great read) 

-Soul Purpose, Soul Mission, & Soul Vision -3 Books by Ramesh Richard (Trying to determine what your purpose is in life?  Check out these books!)

-Jesus Freaks & Jesus Freaks II -D.C. Talk (First hand stories of men and women who are sacrificing everything, including their lives, for Christ)

-Life on the Edge  -James Dobson (Some practical advice for how to handle the high school/college years from relationships and love to choosing a college)

-In the Likeness of God  -Paul Brand, Philip Yancey  (One of Jake's) favorite books of all time!  This is written by a medical doctor and is more of a devotional that delves into the beauty that God has made in creation and the human body and will give you a much more awe-inspired and intimate view of God)

-The Gift of Pain  -Paul Brand, Philip Yancey (Most of us hate going through tough, painful situations, but can pain ever be a good thing?)

-He Satisfies My Soul -Paul Brand (Another book by Dr. Brand that talk about how a relationship with Christ is the most satisfying thing in life)

-Twelve Ordinary Men -John MacArthur ( closer look at the 12 disciples.  What does the Bible say about each of them and what can we learn from them?)

-Desiring God  -John Piper (A longer read but designed to cultivate in your heart a desire not just to know about God, but to know and enjoy Him personally)


books that are more focused on apologetics and owning your faith:

-Mere Christianity  - C.S. Lewis (A phenomenal book that discusses some of the deeper thought processes and truths of Christianity)

-The Reason for God  -Tim Keller (Tim Keller digs into the questions many non-believers have about God.  Why even believe in him at all?)

-Jesus among other Gods -Ravi Zacharias (Why is Jesus different than the leaders of other religions?)

-The Case for Christ -Lee Strobel (Weaves together Lee Strobel's personal story of skepticism to faith with fantastic evidence for believing in Christ)

-Retro Christianity  -Michael Svigel (Takes a look back on the history of our faith and examines how the church should look today)

-Delighting in the Trinity  -Michael Reeves (if you ever wonder what the Trinity really is this book can help you better understand God)

-Tactics - Greg Koukl (A practical way to gain confidence to share your faith)

-Truth Matters - Andreas Kostenberger, Darrell Bock, Josh Chatraw (Helps tackle some big questions students will face about the validity of their faith)

-Conformed to His Image - Ken Boa ( great book that helps outline what it means to be conformed to Christ, and why that is important!)



-The Circle Series  -Ted Dekker (anything by Ted Dekker is great!)

-This Present Darkness -Frank Peretti