Sr. High Snow Camp Packing List

Looking at the weather it doesn't look like snow is going to happen... but it is going to be really cold.   So don't worry about snow gear but make sure to pack plenty of warm clothes.  We will have limited space so please try not to over pack!  Camp of the Woods supplies bedding (sheets, pillow, blankets, and towels) so there is no need to bring any of those items unless you really want to.    They also have an indoor pool so bring a bathing suit! 






-Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc)

-3 pairs of pants

-3-4 shirts

-athletic shorts/sweatpants (no spandex- guys or girls) 

-Bathing Suit (keep it modest, girls - one-piece or tankini)

-3-4 pairs of socks

-3-4 pairs of underwear

-2 pairs of sneakers


-Warm Jacket


-Winter hat


-Money for snacks (optional)


-Electronics (including cell phones) will be kept in bags in rooms all weekend so leave them at home if you can!!

**If a parent needs to contact their child they can call Jake’s cell (201-450-5203), or May's cell (201-470-1428).

-Weapons/Knives (don’t bring pocket knives or any weapon of any type)


-Bad Attitudes

-Valuables such as jewelry