Hawthorne Gospel Church, through its efforts with NJ CityServe, has built a quality relationship with The Center for Drugs and Alcohol in Bergen County. The relationship has actually evolved into a number of connections and support that we offer in the name of prevention and recovery resources around Bergen and now Passaic County.

At this time we partner with causes in Garfield and Old Tappan as well as having officially partnered as a faith-based resource with the “Wellness of Bergen County Initiative” which seeks collaboration from the 8 leading influences on society, one of them being faith-based organizations/churches.

In Passaic our efforts hinge around Paterson and of course our home town, Hawthorne, as we eagerly act as a resource to the Hawthorne Municipal Alliance. Our own Pastor Howie actually sits on that board.

Our efforts span from providing recreational venues, specifically basketball tournaments through Street2Street ministry, as well as other opportunities like Ultimate Frisbee and, truthfully, whatever works! In addition to that we provide the local coalitions hosted by The Center for Drugs and Alcohol with small scale administration assistance and of course community awareness of the heroine/hard drug epidemic in our own backyards.

Learn more through their website.