Star of Hope is a historic ministry in downtown Paterson serving the poor, the homeless, seniors, youth, the unemployed, the underemployed and many individuals and families that find themselves in hard places. They work in partnership with churches, schools, and service organizations, in the city and in the suburbs, that are serving in a variety of ways to alleviate poverty.

Star of Hope is particularly excited about lasting change produced by the long-term Christian Community Development being done in neighborhoods by those that believe in the work and the person of Jesus Christ.

Star of Hope is in need of Thrift Store Sorters, Food Pantry Workers, STAR CUP Café Volunteers and volunteers interesting in working in a church in Paterson in an after school center, food pantry, youth ministry, etc.

There will also be other volunteer opportunities developing in the months ahead in Star of Hope’s Computer Empowerment Center.

For more information please visit Star of Hope’s website,, and complete a volunteer inquiry form.