Our program goal is that each child, regardless of ability, will have the opportunity to learn about God, and to learn how they may choose to follow Jesus. Our program includes the following:

Specialized Sunday School Classes for children with disabilities with

  • Experienced Teachers
  • A trained buddy for each student
  • Instruction and materials geared to learning ability and learning style
  • Accommodations for disabilities
  • Individualized Behavior Management System as appropriate

Supported Typical Classes with peers with

  • A trained buddy for each student, who facilitates learning and socialization within the typical classroom he or she would attend.

The class takes place in the classroom E1B, which is downstairs in the Education Building.

Placement of each child is individually determined based upon observation, parent interview, available staff, and the student’s needs.  To learn more, or to request a parent interview contact our Special Needs Ministry Team.

Also, we have a survey to help further the needs of the special needs ministry.