At the heart of who we are at Hawthorne Gospel Church is the understanding that being part of God’s work in the world is integral and foundational to our identity as God’s people.

Our desire is to join God in his global work of transforming lives to produce fully devoted followers of Christ. (Matthew 28:18-20)

As a church, our goals in missions are to:

  • Grow in Missions awareness: understanding God’s mission to all nations and our commission to be part of it.
  • Be active in Missions mobilization: motivating, equipping and sending missionaries for both short and long term missions work.
  • Support global Missions:  providing prayer, financial and member care for those we have been sent as well as partnering with other organizations and supporting projects around the world.

Learn more about our:

Missions Focus Sundays

We have four quarterly missions focus Sundays during the year. All the offerings on these Sundays, unless otherwise designated, go to support the church’s missions outreach.

Our annual Missions Conference is held in October of each year. Regular donations to support our missionaries can be made online or through the weekly church offerings .