One of our longest running outreach ministries of HGC is called: New Beginnings. New Beginnings shares the Gospel of salvation with love and compassion to people infected with HIV/AIDS. The team goes down to Newark's Broadway House every Thursday night where they host a bible study, and visit the residents for prayer with and encouragement.

An annual Christmas party at which we share the Gospel, have great desserts, and hand out meaningful gifts to the residents all collected and donated by the people of our church. The final touch is that our "Made With Love" team knits homemade stockings to fill with the gifts.

We believe wholeheartedly that God loves those whom He is creating. While is it never our mission to hold back grace to those broken, hurt, lost or walking in darkness, we do make it our priority to rescue the unborn by pursuing justice for them as we administer mercy to those effected most closely. Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center does a great job in this area of ministry and we are glad to call them a partner. 

Lighthouse PRC is located in Hawthorne, Hackensack and Paterson. They offer many opportunities to become more hands-on involved in their ministry. To further advocate, train, volunteer or pray just call the office to find our what is current. One thing we commit to annually is to host a "Baby-bottle Boomerang" drive to help them gain personal partners and the necessary funds to effectively rescue the unborn and minister mercy and empowerment to those most closely effected. 



Our Church serves as a regional collection center for Operation Christmas Child. Over the last 10 years we've heard of amazing God-sized stories and how the little gifts that go into the shoeboxes have proven to change lives. One memorable moment in particular is when we learned out shipment of boxes would be headed to the Philippines shortly after those beautiful people had experienced the great pain of Typhoon Haiyan. "Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest" - Jesus in Matthew 10.

God has blessed the work of our local team and we continue to collect thousands of gifts every year between early October and Mid-November. The middle of November includes a thrilling week of packing, counting, and the simple joy of doing meaningful ministry alongside the many other Christ-followers and kind-hearted neighbors that choose to get involved. In addition to that the team hosts "Wrapping Parties" throughout the year to help prepare for the "busy season." Keep an eye out on the website, get on the Outreach Task Force distribution list, and pay attention to church promotion of opportunities so you can get involved.