The Fellowship Newsletter publication, which originally began in November of 1947, serves as an aid in uniting our church family and friends. We believe each member should have access to the knowledge and understanding of what is going on in all areas of church life. Therefore, we have decided to revive the Fellowship Newsletter for the benefit of all members and friends of the Hawthorne Gospel Church.



Colossians 3:12-14 are powerful words from the apostle Paul that reflect the qualities that we are to reflect in our relationships with one another. How wonderful that as God’s dearly loved children we can display this same Christlike love! We have experienced this love as part of His special “family” here at Hawthorne Gospel Church. In addition to having this precious unity, we have seen God working in many ways to bring glory to Himself. Our vision has not dimmed! We are passionate about helping people to see the eternal life that is available in Christ and together becoming more devoted followers of Jesus.

On Sunday, April 1, over 3,000 individuals came to the Hawthorne Gospel Church to celebrate the ressurection of Jesus Christ.The week prior, the church challenged the congregation by distributing small invitation cards to give out to family, friends, and strangers. On Easter Morning, Rommel Guingon, our Director of Music and Worship, fantastically led the congregation, along with our choir, orchestra, praise team, and soloists. Pastor John W. Minnema preached the sermon “Because He Lives,” presenting the gospel to many people.