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God’s desire is that every follower of Christ would be growing and maturing in their faith.  The purpose of HGC Adult Education is to provide an environment in which intentional, biblically-based learning is the focus.  Our goal is that all our teaching, learning, and studying would help us in the process of becoming more Christ-like, connecting to others, and serving in our churches, our communities, and around the world.

HGC Adult Education complements the small groups in the church. While some people learn best in the classroom setting of a large class, others may do better in a small group which is more relational and has more accountability.  The intention is that everyone will find the way that best helps them to grow and mature.

Adult Bible Classes
HGC Adult Education offers Adult Bible Classes at 10:00 AM Sunday Morning.  These classes are open to all adults and are taught in three 12-week semesters in the fall, winter, and spring.  In the summer fewer classes are offered.

Click here to download the brochure for the Spring term.


Monday Evening Bible School
HGC offers classes through the Monday Evening Bible School (MEBS).   These classes are taught in two 12-week semesters in the fall and winter.  The classes are financed by a freewill offering.  A three-year certificate and a four-year diploma may be earned in MEBS through the church. The new semester will start in September.

Click Here for the Spring brochure.

Also, click here to check out The Equipping Track, our class on how to use your gifts and abilities for the church.


For more information on our Sunday morning Adult Bible Classes or Monday Evening Bible School,
please contact Pastor David Schuit at 973-427-6960×150 or